Planning an application

Since the last update on the Web App Challenge a fair few things have happened.

To begin with, I’ve been fortunate to connect with some amazing people, also taking part in their own web app challenges. We have a Google Group where we are currently sharing ideas and advice – you’d be surprised at how much overlap there is even though each of our apps are different.

Each participant has their own blog and I’ll post with links in my next post.

Now, an update. Nathan and the others have all been decided to spend 20 hours or less per week working on their app. So far I’m managing about 10 hours per week at best. Regardless, I am still making progress.

My app has a home, about, and pricing pages as well as some “internal pages”. I also have secure (in my opinion) user sign up and authentication built.

With any luck I will have a basic version out and being used by the end of February so I can start gathering feedback.

So far I am happy with progress, especially since I lost the last 5 days to poor health. I know the big picture of all the features my application should have. I also know which would provide the most value and therefore be included in version one.

My plan is to clearly map out the “flow” and user experience to make sure if nothing else my app does this one thing beautifully and adds real value for the user.

Once I’ve got a clear idea of how it should work I’ll get back to coding and hopefully be done by Feb 28.

Writing this now, I don’t think I’ve actually explained what I am working on or given much context. Keep with me and I will reveal all in the next few posts.