The Web App Challenge 2017: From zero to £3000 in 6 months

Wait a minute..didn’t we do this before? Yep. Back in 2013 I attempted the web app challenge along with Nathan Barry and some others.

I had a quick look at the contenders from 2013 and it looks like every site is down with the exception of Nathan’s and mine. Nathan has made huge progress in 3 years. I, on the other hand had to park the project and haven’t touched it since.

Why am I doing the web app challenge again?
I find it a lot easier to work with a goal in mind and a clear deadline. Doing a public challenge like this is going to keep me more motivated than privately promising myself to deliver something.

What are the rules going to be?

The rules will be similar to last time. To build an application generating £3000 in monthly recurring revenue by July 1st 2017.

I have a £1500 budget to spend on development help, but I may increase this to £3000 over the course of the project. I will be developing the application myself, with hired help as needed.

As for time restriction, I’m not imposing one. My aim is to spend as much necessary time as possible on making this work. Remember that this will be in addition to a normal 9 to 5 grind an managing another business.

What am I working on?

This is where I’m cheating a little. I’m planning to pick up the web app challenge where I left off. I’ve already started the process of upgrading the rails codebase to the latest version of rails and refamiliarising myself with what I intended to build 3 years ago.

My aim is to get the app in front of potential users within the next couple weeks, validate it and continue pursuing it. 

Who else is doing the web app challenge?

A little friendly competition is a good thing. I know of two others who are planning to do this challenge with me. I’ll link to their blogs when they are available. If you’re thinking about joining in, please do! You have little to lose and everything to gain. If you do take up the challenge please let me know and I’ll add you to any slack / whatsapp groups.