Doing what you love

I’ve read (and been told) time and time again that in order to live a happy/fulfilled life, you need to DO what you LOVE. Or in other words, find your passion.

That’s all very well, but HOW do you find your passion?

No idea.

Perhaps it ties in with travelling more and experiencing the world in order to find out what activities out there in the world could actually be YOUR passion. After all, if you haven’t found your passion yet, maybe it isn’t something that you can do within the 100 mile radius of your home. Heck, maybe your passion is simply travelling…can’t do that sitting at home watching the television. And to end, another clich√©:

It’s not about the destination (passion) it’s about the journey ¬†(discovering your passion)

With that in mind, I’m off to try my hand at some fun things, some old, some new in an attempt to find MY passion. Feel free to leave comments about your experiences on finding a passion, and I’ll post soon with an update on my findings.

Taking a break

When it comes to learning or doing something I am overly interested in, I have to throw myself into it completely.

You might have noticed from previous posts that I’ve been looking into spread betting lately – well not lately. I decided to take a break to focus on other things in life and do some reading.

Will write another post outlining what I am working on for the festive season.

Nothing to report

It’s been a little quiet trading this week. Took 1 positive pip this week and stayed out of the market. No trading today, sometimes you can’t spend all day looking and the markets and just need to live!

Have a fair bit of work to do so will check in soon.