Life Goals

A semi-complete list of my life goals. In no order and more to come!

Graduate with First Class Honours Bachelor’s degree from University 2012
Payoff all debts
Start a startup
Find the perfect woman
Turn an annual profit at my own company  2010-2011 – Web Development / Hosting
Turn an annual profit in excess of £1 million at my own company
Invest in other startups
Learn how to Sail
Learn to cook
Learn new languages – Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Hindi
Learn how to fly – in progress
Learn to ride a motorcycle
Own a home outright
Sell a company for profit
Have a net worth of £10 million
Set aside enough money to never have to work for the rest of my life
Give away £1 million to charity
Help someone go to University
Learn to trade (financial products)
Write a book